Naples Campaign reenactment 29-30 April , 1st May 2017 Spain

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Naples Campaign reenactment 29-30 April , 1st May 2017 Spain

Beitragvon Sharpguard01 » Fr 10. Mär 2017, 10:22

We are new to this Forum and glad to share our affinity for WW2 reenactment

Our Association will have a reenactment of the September 1943 Naples Campaign and Liberation on the 29-30 April , 1st May 2017 in Artesa de Lleida ( Spain) near Lerida. A US camp with field hospital and Axis Camp will be installed in the middle of the Town, with Living History displays and Military vehicles. 3 battle reenactments with blanks and pyrotechnics are scheduled to take place. As well as a Militaria Collector jumble sale. WW2 Reenactment groups are welcome; please contact for information and inscriptions.

Please check for the program ( Naples 2017 ) and photos of previous editions.
We are very grateful to the ZIB Team for their support and endorsement of our event and the Town of Artesa de Lleida for their hospitality.
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